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Who We Are...

Horizon Custom Homes is your local option for designing and building your dream home. While we specialize in building custom homes, we can also renovate and add on to your existing home. We are a general contractor, meaning that we take care of your project from the ground up.

Framing, siding, and trim work are done by our own employees, and we have a team of trusted contractors to cover the many other phases of which our jobs typically consist. 

From the excavation and foundation work to the final, thorough house-cleaning, we cover every aspect of the building process so you don’t have to!

Major County and Beyond

Horizon Custom Homes in Fairview, OK provides contractor services for homeowners and homebuyers. We are based out of Fairview, OK, working primarily in Major County and northern Blaine County.

Fairview, Ringwood, Isabella, Cleo Springs, Okeene, Longdale, and Canton are all within our area as well – however, we have been known to stretch these boundaries!!

Our fully-insured team of contractors is focused on quality, honesty, and promptness – with the aim of completely satisfying our customers beyond their expectations. We strive to do what we say we will accomplish – achieving how we promise to do it, and when!

What to Expect

Although our projects differ widely in scope, we use the same general system to begin each one. Our first visit is spent in getting to know you and understanding what you want and need. This visit can often be time-consuming, but we feel this is a crucial part of an accurate estimate.

There are many different ways to complete your project, but we want to understand and meet your expectations and, of course, your budget. After the initial visit, we typically spend about two weeks in designing and accurately estimating your project. At this point, we return our estimate and preliminary design to you and discuss your questions, as well as different options you may have. An important part of this stage is often determining the sacrifices that must be made to your dream and/or budget.

Unfortunately, balancing budget and dream is something most of us find necessary! It’s not unusual for this to take two or three visits (or even more) to fine-tune the design and budget. Once everyone is satisfied, the final proposal is completed and ready to be signed. The excitement level is usually pretty high by now!!

Plan Early!

As with most construction projects, you may sometimes run into “hiccups” during the early planning stages of a project – most commonly in meeting your budget. For this reason, it is important that we know at least a general budget range early in the process. Usually, we can work through this one to design your project to match your budget. Unfortunately, however, this one does sometimes postpone or cancel a project. 

Another consideration is that of timeframe. We are often booked out in advance from several months to the greater part of a year. Some clients just cannot wait that long! Starting the planning stages of your project early is important for this very reason.

Why Partner With Us

If you asked 10 different contractors to give you a quote on your potential project, you would likely end up with 10 different bids representing 10 distinct and different end results. Everyone has a slightly different system and method for completing the job. We can’t speak for the other nine, but we’ll tell you a little of what motivates us.

Firstly, we believe that quality is important. And those aren’t just words to us. We learn from every project, and we are constantly adjusting and fine-tuning our methods. Therefore, we improve with every job. While we’ll probably never achieve perfection, we hope we’re getting closer!! This obsession with quality will not always allow us to be the cheapest option for your project, but it gives us the satisfaction of a job well done, as well as the assurance that if you trust us to complete your project, we WILL make you happy! And that matters to us!

“The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Secondly, we believe that trust is absolutely necessary to a builder/client relationship. If trust is gone, the project has very little chance of being successfully completed. Therefore, we try to be totally up front and honest right from the start. 

When we bid your project, we’re not bidding it to get the job, only to later charge you extra on all those details that we knew all along that you wanted. Rather, we bid your project how we think it will end up. And while we run the risk of looking higher-priced than our competitors, we’ve found that we can still be friends with our clients when the project is done. Important? We are convinced it is!

We’d rather not build your project than build it and have the job finish up with anyone less than satisfied.

You are the Key Ingredient in Our Recipe for Success

We wish we were perfect. We wish you thought we were perfect. However, we’re not; you probably already knew that. And since we’re not, we’ve got to rely on you to help us out. In fact, you probably hold the key to our successful relationship! (Don’t you love it when people try to put all the responsibility on you?) 

Seriously, though, we feel like the secret to a successful project is found in COMMUNICATION. And we know that’s our responsibility as much as yours. We’d like to ask you to be very open with your communication throughout your project. If something doesn’t look just right, tell us. If it does, tell us!

If you’re not sure we’re remembering something, tell us. If you want to make a change, tell us. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings! We appreciate your involvement. We need it, in fact.

After all this is your project. And, yes, we know we have a responsibility, too -- a responsibility to keep you up–to-date on the latest schedule; to keep you up on the latest budget changes (yes, they happen even though we try so hard to predict those changes before we start). We have a responsibility to make you aware of all those great new ideas that we’ve learned about!! Don’t forget that building a home can be fun! Don’t believe that?? Try us!!

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